Friday, September 11, 2009

Date Changes

Hi guys

Sorry to change the dates... Joburg and Grahamstown will now be after the School Holidays.

DURBAN - 20th September (next weekend)
JOBURG - 9 -11 October
GRAHAMSTOWN - 16 -18 October

Call Backs begin end of October.

Please do not submit another form if you have already applied.

Good Luck


  1. Hey guys em again :) sorry but I was just wondering if all the emails got alright? Cos I got the impression that I would get chosen for a PMB audition...I don't want to sound too pressumptious! It's just that I've been waiting in suspense ever since John told us about the movie at my school and I really don't want to lose this oppertunity*thanks for all your support and patience*
    Love em =) (my email, not my dad's)

  2. hi guys.
    umm i planned my holidays so that i could come to the auditions. but now they have changed so if i make it in could i come to the last possible day? also do you have my form? please tell me.
    sean-phillip fourie

  3. hey guys...
    i was just wondering if my form went through? i really hope so! ahh...i no this might sounnd vein but i mean it in the least vein way ever! very bad english oops! but i think i would make an amazing mermaid or even christene, i think i spelt it wrong*haha* anyway, should i post a video onto youtube or not? thanks a huge amount! from Taubin Grove

  4. Sorry, forgot to say I got the impression from one of my older posts :) Also, not to sound dramatic...(although that might be a good thing ;])...but, i havn't recieved an email or any other notification that I made PMB auditions.

    Here's the thing, if I didn't know i can, or get all the support i do from my friends and family, I wouldn't be pestering you so much. But i do. Everyone's told me from the start i can do this and they got me to believe i can :)

    I have dreamed of acting since i was little, i know everyone has at some point of their life but with me it's different; I live to act, it's how i was programmed and if i lose this chance i don't know where i'll turn to...Please please please can you not give me a chance? A chance at achieving my dream? I've been tossing and turning at night, checking my mom's phone regulary, checking email everyday since august! I can't express what i'm feeling at the moment but to say that i can't think of anything else and my heart actualy hurts with dissapointment; I'm still checking the email and phones even though the emails were already sent.

    I know there must be a lot of others feeling the way I do but I need you to know I wouldn't try my luck if i didn't know i can be your Christine or Amanda :)

    I am trying so hard here. I have re-submitted a form for durban auditions, so if you could give me a chance, i can show you what i can do*please*

    I don't normally do this,but i know i can*

    Please don't leave hanging,you know which em I am :) you have my form, my email; please let me know*i need to know*

    love em

  5. Just looked at my post. I sound like such a desperado...please ignore my short moment of mental instability =)

  6. Hi my daughter wants to audition in Durban but when we try to fill in audition form although we do attach a jpeg it wont go through, is there a problem and what can we do, thanks Penny Swart cell: 083 659 3557.

  7. Hows it going spud team, just wanted to know how close to the auditions we would get